Silver Sunday
4th October 2015, The Legion club, Amersham
This year Gapura working together with the Chiltern District Council Office, Chairman of Buckinghamshire and members of local community. Gapura supported, organised and participated at the annual event to celebrate Older People, Led by The Sir Simon Milton Foundation. It is also supported marginally by the Army, RAF and Navy branches in Buckinghamshire. This is also the second year running where Gapura participated on Silver Sunday which was celebrated nationwide in the UK.

Testimonial Silver Sunday

I have known Beth Palapa for at least 5 years and during that time have enjoyed numerous events she has put together with professional calm and expertise, making each experience, whether a cultural show, or showcasing international products, an enjoyable experience. In my own sphere of work, I am always delighted when Beth volunteers to be a part if the team, for example, Silver Sunday, where her team spirit, her organisational skills and enthusiasm and good humour make her a fantastic person to have on board. I am always delighted when Beth has the time to work with me on any one of my projects. She is a leader, a great organiser and is herself organised and meticulous. You know if you have Beth as part of your team, you are in a safe pair of hands.
Cllr.Mrs Mimi Harker OBE
Chiltern District Council